Tom yum and coconut curry chocolate,Rose candle,bluefly tea and Thai herbal soap special for Diwali gift
Siam Saap with Thai Tom Yum flavor chocolate, packed in bright yellow square small box
Thai coconut curry dark chocolate handmade by Thai people in Chiang Mai
Rose candle in pastale pink color,decorated with dried flowers together with the wooden lid on top
Organic lemongrass and butterfly pea tea from Chiang Mai packed in an eco friendly packaging
Compact mini Thai herbal soap bar natural handmade with cold process from Thailand

Our Rangoli

Regular price 1,800.00 ฿

This über colourful and festive box is named after the traditional art that decorates the entrance of a home during the Hindu festival Diwali. ‘Our Rangoli’ celebrates Diwali in Thai-style, with locally crafted chocolates infused with local flavours. Xoconat’s Siam Saap chocolate encapsulates the zesty flavours of traditional Tom Yum and Siamaya’s Thai Coconut Curry brings a little spice to this festive season. Roses are an important part of rituals in India and in Thailand, gift this lemon-rose scented candle to add a beautiful glow to their home during the festival of lights. This one-of-a-kind butterfly pea tea makes a wonderful addition to a tea collection; with it’s beautiful blue hue when brewed. Cleansing is an integral part of ceremony preparations and this mini soap bar is packed with skin-loving Thai herbs to keep you feeling fresh and rejuvenated for the festive occasion. 

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what’s inside?

Siam Saap Chocolate
by xoconat

Thai Coconut curry dark chocolate
by siamaya

Love Rose Candle
by homlamoon

Organic Bluefly with Lemongrass and Butterfly pea tea 15g
by araksa

Thai Herbal Soap Bar
by anan

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