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giving gifts may never be the same

who we are

At Joybox, we’re on a mission to give gifts in a way that is good for the planet and its people. Through partnerships with local artisans, we curate high quality, handcrafted gift boxes that proudly represent Thailand and exceed the sustainable standards of today. We believe there’s a story behind every gift, and we aim to share them with the world.

meet the team

Joybox is home to five purpose-driven women based in Bangkok, Thailand. We are constantly learning and unlearning how to make our business as inclusive and earth-conscious as possible.


sakhi agarwal

Joybox was founded out of the lack of options I encountered when trying to send a gift to a friend during covid. Malls were closed and the gifting platforms I knew to exist in the western part of the world weren't available in my region. Inspired by this problem, I decided to build a solution that would blend my values with my favorite interests. Joybox is the natural intersection of art, activism, design, technology, and storytelling.

Sakhi Agarwal - Joybox Founder
creative director

rachelle tan

I get to bring our creative vision to life through fun, new, and innovative ways. By thinking outside the box, I guide the process in crafting detail-oriented collaterals that elevate the customer experience in unimaginable ways. Everyone at joybox brings a unique skillset to the team and together we are forming a community of creatives, artisans, and sustainable gifters. I truly believe we are on the cusp of shaping the future of gifting.

partnerships manager

bom phornphutthasri

Thailand is often thought of through a very one dimensional tourist lens. Yet, the country has so much more to offer. At Joybox, I travel around the country to meet with local artisans, understand their craft, and source products that proudly represent the diversity of talent across Thailand. Each product and brand we partner with brings its own unique charm while leaving a minimal impact on the environment. I want the gifts we curate to tell a story about the different regions, cultures, foods, and languages that make up my home country.

general assistant

praew jairakpong

As the general assistant at Joybox, I leverage my background in customer service to make your shopping experience exceed expectations. One of my favorite things about our company is how it encourages buyers to learn more about the unique, local, and eco-friendly products from around Thailand. By encouraging sustainability within the e-commerce space, I’m confident Joybox can play a major role in bringing attention to the talent of Thai artisans, internationally.

our planet
comes first