An Insider's Guide to Our Favourite Products

An Insider's Guide to Our Favourite Products

From the Joybox Team

We’re not sure if you’ve heard, but we’re now just around the corner from our official product launch. After almost a year of behind-the-scenes work; setting up a new business, building a team, sourcing products, and designing our brand, you’ll soon be able to purchase sustainable and local gifts for your loved ones at this very website. To celebrate, we thought we’d give you, our very initial supporters (thank you!), a glimpse into a few of our favorite products so far. 

These products provide a snapshot into some of the gift sets we’ve already curated, and demonstrate how the story behind each gift can provide meaning to each of us in different ways. We’re so excited to help you on your gifting journey, and hope our connections with each gift can provide you with some inspiration for future occasion.

Brass pen

NOTEBOOK BY PRACHT selected by Sakhi, CEO and Founder

No technology has replaced the feeling of being able to write down ideas, dreams, and questions on paper. Since childhood, I have been obsessed with stationary, especially notebooks. The Pracht notebook uses FSC certified recycled paper and is designed with the environment in mind. The simplicity of this notebook — it’s unlined pages and pearly white pages — unlocks an elegant and extended freedom to explore my most daring ideas. The notebook is perfect for tucking into any bag and allows me to jot down ideas without unlocking my phone.

PANDAN SOAP BY COSMOS AND HARMONY selected by Bom, Partnerships Manager 

The soaps from Cosmos and Harmony are particularly meaningful to me because of the tributes made to Thailand in the concepts behind each scent. The artisans pull from iconic elements of Thai culture, such as Thai cuisine, rice (or “Kao” in Thai), massage, and muay thai, and incorporate national fruits, herbs, and spices to craft unique scents. My favorite soap is the pandan one, which uses extracts from the Pandan leaf, and carries a scent similar but more muted and tropical than vanilla. It’s a perfect way to freshen up and relax after a long and hot day.


CHOPSTICK BAG BY CHIMMUWA selected by Rachelle, Creative Designer

Chimmuwa is a brand that creates job opportunities for young refugee and migrant women along the border of Myanmar in Northern Thailand by training them in sewing and handicraft skills to avoid labor exploitation and human trafficking. One of my favorite products is the chopstick bag; the product itself is made with cotton sourced from the Karen people, a group of small tribal communities that grow, spin, and dye their own cotton with natural techniques. 

I particularly love that each seamstress is responsible for the whole process of each item — from selecting the fabrics, cutting the patterns, and sewing parts together. Every design and pattern is beautifully crafted and each product showcases the intricacy and beauty of traditional weaving culture. I love that the chopstick bag is a multi-purpose product that can not only be used for cutlery but also as a pencil case or as a small on-the-go pouch!

Water color box

WATERCOLOR BOX BY JINNY SARAKOSES selected by Marisa, Marketing Manager

There’s nothing more calming to me than the opportunity to close my computer, shut off my phone, and truly disconnect from the digital world. Painting allows me to do just that, and the watercolor box by Sunday Motivation provides an easy, affordable, and non-intimidating way to explore and express my inner thoughts, creatively. The set was designed after the brand’s founder noticed how expensive mainstream paints were. Determined to increase accessibility to art, she launched a set of natural and affordable colors, with the underlying goal to encourage her customers to create and unwind on a sunday.

Plant pots

PLANT POT BY LIFE FOREST STUDIO selected by Praew, General Assistant

I love gardening and believe that you can never have too many plants in a home. They naturally purify the air, add decoration and color to interior spaces, and can grow beautiful flowers and foods. I’m a big fan of cacti and the plant pot by Life Forest Studio is perfect for a new cactus plant or any other flower seeds. It is a handmade ceramic pot that is manufactured in Bangkok, and allows me to support local artists while reminding me that Thailand will always be home.

Wax wrap

WAX WRAPS BY SUPER BEE selected by Ashwin, Intern 

Of all of the products curated by Joybox, the Superbee Wax Wraps catch my attention the most. I was so impressed by the wraps because I had never seen or heard of a natural alternative to the plastic wraps and cling film that permeate all of our kitchens. Made with 100% Organic GOTS certified cotton, pure natural beeswax, organic coconut oil, and tree resin,  the wraps are naturally anti-bacterial and can be washed and reused for up to two years. The wraps have been a lifesaver when it comes to saving leftover fruit and packaging foods for day trips.